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CSEC English B: Poem Theme Index

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Themes for each poem (2018-2023)

An African Thunderstorm- David Rubadiri

Nature, Doom, Experiences, Africa, Destruction, Fear, People, Children, Man vs Nature

Once Upon a Time- Gabriel Okara

Hypocrisy, Dreams, Wishes, People, Changes (people and the world), Maturity, Adaptation, Childishness, Innocence, Appearance vs Reality, Childhood, Western Values, Regret, Purity, Deceit, Wishing for Life to be Different (14 may 2008), Duplicity of Modern Man, Life and Its Experiences, Interpersonal Relationships

Birdshooting Season- Olive Senior

Experiences, Manliness, Gender Roles, Aspirations, Identity, Childhood,

West Indies, U.S.A.- Stewart Brown

Appearance vs Reality, Places, Experiences, Discrimination, Prejudice, Culture, Oppression, Economic Dualism, Expectations, Poverty, Affluence, Imperialism, Contrast (Culture)

Sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge- </